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Lecture by Mufti Hussain

In continuation of our monthly speech program, Mufti Hussain (db) will be delivering lecture (in URDU language) on Friday evening, December 1, 2017 after Isha Salah (7:30 pm).

All are welcome! Dinner will be served after the program.

For live audio broadcast please visit click here .

Program Details

  1. Bayyan (lecture) after Isha Salah.
  2. Surah Yasin recitation and Dua.
  3. Dinner.
  4. Brothers can continue/join for Zikar after Yasin and Dua or they are welcome to proceed downstairs for Dinner right after Dua, In Sha Allah.

Evening Madrasah

To register with the Evening Madrasah for the first time, parent/guardian will need to complete and submit a Registration Form during Madrasah hours.

NOTICE: Masjid Parking

Parking will be allowed ONLY on designated parking spots inside the masjid parking lot. If designated parking spots are full then you are not allowed to block entrance or exist doors. You can park on the side streets John Graham Ct, Atrium LN, Royal Rouge Trail, Durnford RD, Durness Ave or even Rylander Blvd Plaza.

Park according to city bylaws, DO NOT block the drive ways and DO NOT park in middle of circle areas.

Click Here for parking areas.

Disclaimer: Park at your own risk. Masjid management will not be responsible if your vehicle is towed by law enforcement staff.


By : Sheikh AbuBakar Mulla

At present Hadith halaqa is based upon the following text;
Riyad As-Salihin by Imam An-Nawawi

The halaqa comprises hadith text and detailed explanation of the context.

This course is open to both brothers and sisters; separate rooms are available for brothers and sisters.

Time: Every MONDAY after Maghrib Salah

Halqa Durood Shareef -
By : Br. Mausoof

Regular weekly halqa for drood to Prophet Muhammad (SAWS - peace be upon him)

  • A short session on the life of Prophet Muhammad (SAWS - peace be upon him).
  • To get the blessings of drood on shabb e Juma, There will be dua after drood
  • Followed by light refreshments in the basement.

Time: Every THURSDAY after Maghrib Salah

DAWAH PROGRAM - 4/23/2010

Masjid Zakariya has on going Dawah Program. Every Tuesday brothers go out surrounding communities to meet people and invite them to the masjid. This is an excellent opportunity to volunteer your time and earn reward form Allah (swt).

By : Sheikh AbuBakar Mulla

Time: Every MONDAY after Hadith Halaqa.

Today's Iqamah Time:
6:30 AM
1:00 PM
3:30 PM
SunSet +2 min
7:30 pm
First Jummah:
12:00 PM
12:40 PM
Second Jummah:
1:40 PM
2:00 PM